Dear Santa, did you know black friday is coming...

To keep it simple this year I've curated a little list. 




Beautiful little candles that smell better than they look!!!

Available through Uncommon Goods.


These lovely soy based candles are designed by Zoe Tang and made in Canada. 

Pretty, simple, and way easier to maintain than a plant terrarium.


Eataly gifts


baskets for groups

desserts for hostesses 

kits for families...it's all here 


Even a TON of kid or adult

 cooking classes 


Hayley Mitchell Art 

one of my absolute favorites!  


On her etsy shop:

variety of print options as

well as 4x5 card packs.


Fun and Inspiring.


Tom Ford Glitter Set!

ok...that's not what they call it but it's fun holiday sparkle.


Set includes a luster sparkle oil

highlighter powder in lovely warm tones

and this amazing lip "blush" that changes color

from clear to your perfect shade when applied!


Available at Nordstrom



Maggie Louise Confections  

handmade in Austin Texas 


They are so beautiful it's hard to believe it...but they are also delicious.


Available in just about any theme you can think of it's a fun treat to shop

they call it chocolate with charisma....perfect gift

Tory Sport... 


for the better ball partner,

cardio tennis group,

yoga zen buddy

there really isn't anything better.


Lots of cute accessories all the way to full body down parkas they've nailed sporty attire.






La Kaiser

gorgeous jewelry

handmade in Chicago

also available at Oak Park Jewelry






Joint rolling Machine


Perfect for the Boomer on your list

You know they want it.




Depending on where the bourbon lover in your life falls

on the naughty or nice list here are a few options:


You can research a premium bottle here....make sure you save those collector bottles


Splurge a little more with the Bourbon of the Month club


OR check out a Distillery Tour and tour Kentucky like a pro.




Gray Malin


for post holiday traumatic stress relief